– Eco-friendly baby carriers handcrafted in Thailand –

About Us

The history of BaBy SaBye slings began in Thailand ten years ago. At first, we were making slings for our children and ourselves. Later, we started making them for our friends. One day, after a visit to a large handicraft exhibition, an idea came to our mind: what if we try to combine the ancient traditions of weaving and modern design?

Thailand is a beautiful country with an interesting and rich culture. Across many provinces of Thailand, there are large handicraft centers supported by the state. The residents of the same village, or a group of villages, usually work there together. One of these centers is the birthplace of the fabric used for our baby slings. It is also the place where they grow and harvest cotton, spin and dye yarn.

The dyes for yarn are made according to old recipes using plant leaves, bark, and other natural materials. After that, dyed yarns go through special loom machines. All the manufacturing secrets have been passed on through many generations.

The entire process of making each BaBy SaBye sling is a long and painstaking work. Each batch of slings is a limited edition, and the resulting hue depends on many factors that may affect the process of dyeing.

After the sling fabric is ready, we carefully check the quality of both the cloth and the final products.

Having lived in Thailand for many years, we are very fond of this country – its people, traditions and customs. We tried to invest this love in our business as well. Each BaBy SaBye sling carrier contains a bit of Thailand’s bright sun, a bit of the tropical rainforest’s smell, and the warmth of hands and souls of our finest artisans.

We share our passion with you by creating amazing baby carriers that you and your baby will surely fall in love with!

Tatiana Volodina - owner, director

Chotikan Srimaksuk - chief seamstress

Mrs. Chankum Keawma and Mr. Phol Keawma - weavers