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Baby SaBye: Baby carriers designed with ergonomics in mind BaBy SaBye

  • 02 November 2016
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BaBy SaBye heirloom quality carriers are handmade in small batches. These true works of art are stunning yet practical items you will love as an essential tool for parenting. BaBy SaBye handwoven wraps and wrap conversion Mei Tais provide optimum comfort for caregiver and baby in accordance with ergonomic principles


Babywearing Ergonomics 

When we talk about babywearing ergonomics it’s important to remember both baby and adult must be comfortable and well supported. An ergonomic baby carrier adequately supports baby in proper position while comfortably transferring baby’s weight to the wearer’s body.

Baby’s ideal position in a carrier is a spread squat, mimicking baby’s natural position when held in arms. Baby’s knees should be slightly higher than baby’s bum ensuring that baby’s weight is carried by bum and hips are supported. Baby’s spine must be adequately supported to their level of development to maintain spinal health, airway, and comfort.

Wearing baby snug to one’s body maintains center of gravity, limiting a natural tendency to counter extra weight by leaning which can lead to soreness. Spreading fabric as much as possible across shoulders and back helps evenly disperse weight of baby.

BaBy SaBye Ergonomic Features

Handwoven Wraps

  • Woven wraps are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate multiple body types and different types of carries worn on front, hip, or back.
  • Fabric is handwoven in jacquard style weave to limit stretch and increase durability providing a secure carry that is supportive and not saggy.

  • Width of wrap is sufficient to create “M” position for baby and support baby’s spine all the way to nape of shoulders/nape of neck area.

Wrap Conversion Mei Tais

  • Multiple carry positions including front, hip, or back to suit your body and baby best.
  • Unstructured waist allows custom fit to baby’s seat from knee to knee and disperses some of baby’s weight off shoulder to natural waist.
  • Wide width unpadded shoulder straps transfer weight across more surface of shoulders and back making wearing for long periods more comfortable.
  • Spreading wide fabric straps from knee to knee and from seat to back in multiple pass carries offers additional support.

  • Mei Tai size range allows you to customize carrier to wearer and baby size. Standard (14.5” wide x 17” high) and Toddler (17.5” wide x 19” high) refers to the panel size where baby sits. Regular (~78”) or XL (~104”) refers to strap length on short taper of shoulder strap, offering an XL strap ensures that more wearers will be able to achieve spread passes offering more support for baby.

Ergonomic Babywearing Before Baby Arrives

BaBy SaBye handwoven wraps can offer support while you await the arrival of your sweet baby. Use a handwoven wrap to support back, belly, and hips ergonomically with belly wrapping. Try it yourself by wrapping your belly in a front wrap cross carry.

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Ricki Franklin, LMSW is a babywearing educator in Olympia, Washington, USA. She has one preschool aged child and a fondness for fabric. You can follow her work here

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