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  • 06 December 2016
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Woven wraps, the most versatile baby carrier available on the market, are varying lengths of cloth made by weaving yarns together on a loom. Woven wraps hold our babies to our bodies just as we do with our arms (but hands free!) easily accommodating several carrying positions with different tying styles. This versatility allows you to customize your carrier to fit your body and your baby from birth to school age. Wraps are also interchangeable between caregivers in your baby’s life; when you have to be away, your baby can rest comfortably in the carrier they love.

One of A Kind

BaBy SaBye handwovens are heirloom quality, one of a kind baby carriers. Artisans weave yarn on a loom in a jacquard style weave, creating a supportive patterned fabric that shows a reverse image on the backside. BaBy SaBye uses only natural fibers including cotton, linen, and hemp yarns. These natural fibers make the wraps breathable and suitable for use in any weather. Their yarns are hand dyed in small batches with natural dyes, some shades are made from leaves and another from bark! This process ensures that each variation in color or slight difference in weave gives the piece character, making it truly unique.


You may initially fall in love with the looks of your BaBy SaBye when you order it from the website, but once you get it in hand, you will also love its wearing qualities, too! It will be your favorite wrap as it feels smooth wrapping around you, strong from the weave, and cuddly soft for baby. As a go-to carrier you’ll never have to worry about getting these wraps dirty because while BaBy SaBye handwovens are luxurious and beautiful, they are easy to care for with a hand wash, hang dry, and steam iron. BaBy SaBye wraps are durable and made to last. A one of kind baby carrier is something you can hold on to forever to cherish the earliest days of your child’s life.


Carrying your baby with a woven wrap can be profoundly empowering, calming, even peaceful. Having your hands free to go about your day while simultaneously meeting your child’s needs to be close to you is so freeing. Wrapping really does work for any size adult and child. Often, wrappers find a go-to carry that is so quick, easy, and comfortable they don’t hesitate to wrap anywhere or anytime! Don’t forget to show us how you wear you BaBy SaBye handwoven wrap slings by tagging @babysabye_slings on Instagram.

Ricki Franklin, LMSW is a Trained CBWS Consultant, Center for Babywearing Studies® http://www.CenterforBabywearingStudies.com. Ricki offers babywearing consultation services in person and online (via skype, email, facebook message) and she volunteers her time as an educator and President of Babywearing International of Olympia. She can be reached by email at franklin.ricki@gmail.com or find her on instagram https://www.instagram.com/rickifamilyhelper

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