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Breastfeeding with BaBy SaBye BaBy SaBye

  • 22 December 2016
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BaBy SaBye handwoven slings and wrap conversion Mei Tais can help you reach your breastfeeding goals. Building a strong breastfeeding relationship takes time, dedication, and support. BaBy SaBye carriers offer so much in the way of support for you and baby.

Benefits of Breastfeeding with BaBy SaBye:

  1. Freedom-to stand, move, care for other children, go to coffee, shop, work, keep your appointments, do household tasks
  2. Convenience-to feed, no matter where you are, at baby’s first cue without finding a place to sit or needing a breastfeeding pillow
  3. Easy- adjust baby to nipple height, latch, retighten carrier, complete feeding session, move baby back up to chest, burp, then snug carrier to support baby
  4. Comfortable-physically for mother and baby
  5. Discrete-people may not even know you are nursing while you go about your day, leaving you and baby a peaceful moment together
  6. Longer breastfeeding journey- One study of full term infants found that mothers using baby carriers at least one hour per day fed their babies more often and were twice as likely to still be breastfeeding at 5 months postpartum (Pisacane, A., Continisio, P., Filosa, C., Tagliamonte, V. and Continisio, G. I., 2012).

How to Feed in your BaBy SaBye

When baby is in an upright, tummy to tummy position both a woven wrap and Mei Tai allow easily moving baby to feeding position by adjusting baby to nipple height. Feeding in a carrier allows you to make eye contact with baby, watch baby swallow and breathe, switch sides if necessary, and bring baby back up to chest to burp, then snug carrier up to carry hands free. BaBy SaBye carriers can accommodate additional nursing positions as well.

Babywearing can assist nursing sessions at any stage of your breastfeeding journey. Some people prefer to join the two activities when they feel confident about nursing and babywearing separately. Depending on your anatomy and baby’s development, you may need one or both hands to assist during active breastfeeding.

Show us how feeding in a carrier helps you and your baby! Tag us in your breastfeeding while babywearing pictures @babysabye_slings. I also invite you to meet with a babywearing educator through a group, retailer, private consultation, or class. Learning hands-on can be a wonderful way to become comfortable with your BaBy SaBye very quickly.

Breastmilk and formula feeding, from paced bottle feeding to supplemental nursing systems, are also convenient while babywearing. If you’d like more information about any of these feeding topics please contact me.

Ricki Franklin, LMSW is a Trained CBWS Consultant, Center for Babywearing Studies® www.CenterforBabywearingStudies.com. Ricki offers babywearing consultation services in person and online (via skype, email, facebook message). She can be reached by email at franklin.ricki@gmail.com or find her on instagram https://www.instagram.com/rickifamilyhelper


Pisacane, A., Continisio, P., Filosa, C., Tagliamonte, V. and Continisio, G. I. (2012), Use of baby carriers to increase breastfeeding duration among term infants: the effects of an educational intervention in Italy. Acta Paediatrica, 101: p434–438. doi:10.1111/j.1651-2227.2012.02758.x (retrieved online: November 20, 2016)

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