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  • 22 December 2016
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BaBy SaBye: Toddler Carrying

Babywearing does not cease to be useful when babies take those first, wobbly steps into toddlerhood. As a baby transitions into and fully reaches toddlerhood, new and exciting benefits of using a baby carrier emerge. BaBy SaBye handwoven wraps and wrap conversion Mei Tais are designed to carry your baby through toddlerhood and beyond.

Wearing Toddlers with BaBy SaBye Handwovens

When woven wrap wearing for long periods of time, you may want to move toward multiple layer carries and carries that accommodate a chest belt. Some carries I prefer with older children are half Jordan’s back carry, Rucksack, and Double Hammock. If nursing a toddler or for quick up and downs a traditional sling carry can be a lifesaver.

Wearing Toddlers with BaBy SaBye Mei Tais

If a Mei Tai is your sling of choice, make sure the wrap straps are spread as wide as possible going from knee to knee and tie off with a chest belt for added comfort. If you feel your toddler has outgrown your Mei Tai, the toddler sized Mei Tai is a wonderful solution; the added width and height of the panel add lots of support making wearing your larger child much more comfortable.

Benefits of Carrying a Toddler with a Sling:

  1. A sling distributes child’s weight evenly to your body.
  2. Toddlers want to be carried.
  3. Toddlers need to feel secure, safe, and close to you as they navigate new surroundings.
  4. Toddlers depend on the carrier to help them reconnect with you to calm their minds in stressful situations and big developmental milestones, teething, or growth spurts.
  5. Keeping busy hands and active bodies safe in all environments.
  6. Getting a toddler to nap while out of the home.
  7. Less chasing your child who can now run!
  8. Move at your own speed while traveling.
  9. Keeps your hands free.
  10. Toddlers can feel cared for in a sling while you look after other children.
  11. Another caregiver can use the carrier to sooth your toddler while you are away.
  12. If your baby didn’t have the patience for wrapping, your toddler might be more compliant. Try wearing your toddler even if you’ve never tried!
  13. Breastfeeding out of the home with a toddler is easy with a carrier.
  14. Wearing a toddler can help reduce caregiver’s anxiety.

What is your reason for continuing to carry your toddler? Babywearing doesn’t end with toddlerhood, wear your preschooler! We want to know why you find wearing an older child essential in your life. Comment here on this blog post, tell us on the facebook post, or tag us on Instagram @babysabye_slings with your story.

Ricki Franklin, LMSW is a Trained CBWS Consultant, Center for Babywearing Studies® www.CenterforBabywearingStudies.com. Ricki offers babywearing consultation services in person and online (via skype, email, facebook message) and she volunteers her time as an educator and President of Babywearing International of Olympia. She can be reached by email at babywearingboss@gmail.com or find her on instagram https://www.instagram.com/babywearingboss

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