– Eco-friendly baby carriers handcrafted in Thailand –


How long have BBSB slings been in the market?

We have been selling our slings on ETSY since August 2011. You can see our customers’ reviews here.

Which countries can you ship to?

Any country worldwide.

What is the proper care for BBSB slings?

We recommend hand-wash in cold water (20°C) using a mild detergent. Dry flat in the shade.

Please note! Dissolve the detergent in water prior to soaking the sling. Thin wraps and slings should be washed in a laundry bag; wring out by hand.

What does the BBSB marking “100% HAND MADE COTTON” mean?

We came up with this marking to let the buyers know that baby carriers with such marking feature at least one of the following qualities:

  • the carrier’s fabric is made of homespun cotton
  • the carrier’s fabric is hand-colored using 100% organic dyes
  • 100% local harvest cotton
Can I make a custom order?

Yes you can. For example, we can make a Mei Tai wrap for you:

  • using any sling/scarf available (the length of the scarf should not be less than 4 m);
  • using a mono-color fabric*
  • in other color combination*

*custom order possible only if the chosen fabric is available or already ordered

How do I know what Mei Tai wrap size is right for me?

Mei Tai takes two dimensions into consideration: the size of the panel/backside (Standard or Toddler), and the length of the shoulder and bottom straps (Regular or XL). The size of the panel depends on the child’s size: Standard is from birth up to 1.5-2 years, and Toddler is for 1.5 years old up. The length of the shoulder and bottom straps depends on the size of the baby sling wearer: clothing size through XL/16 (U.S.) refers to Regular Mei Tai size, while XXL /18 (U.S.) and up requires XL Mei Tai size.

To help you choose the Mei Tai size more accurately, please refer to the table of basic sizes.

We’re going to visit Thailand. Can we check out BBSB slings?

Welcome! In Thailand, you can visit us in Bangkok, Sukhumvit Road 2154/41 (Punnavithi Skytrain Station). Before visiting, send us an email or SMS to 087 326 4474 – more info.

Where are BaBy SaBye slings manufactured?

The fabric for BBSB slings is woven in several provinces of Thailand: Sakon Nakhon, Sukhothai, and Lampang.

Where can I try BBSB carrier?

You can check the list of Sling Libraries to find the nearest to your location.

I want to have BaBy SaBye Carriers in my Sling Library/ Shop. What should I do?

You can take part in BaBy SaBye Cooperation program