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Handwoven Wraps

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Nowadays stores offer so many various modifications of baby carrier wraps that even experienced moms sometimes feel themselves pretty confused. In order not to get lost among this variety, pay a special attention to handwoven slings.

Does the fabric for baby wraps matter?

Baby’s delicate skin needs a super ecological fabric to provide a maximal level of comfort. All fabrics for our slings are made of 100% natural materials, painted only with natural dyes according to traditional recipes and are hand-woven on weaving looms. We offer 3 main sizes:

  • Standart Size – from birth to 24 month old babies
  • Toddler Size – from 18 month to 4 year old babies
  • PLUS Size Standart – for large parents

Our store offers handwoven slings made of the following materials: cotton and linen. Baby wrap meh dai carrier considered to be the most universal one, as it has a medium level of thickness and support. This is the best option such sling serves well during the entire period of using. Flax makes the fabric more comfortable to wear in the heat providing a good linkage between the straps of the wrap carrier, which means it will be more convenient to carry a heavy baby.

Fell free to buy baby wrap and appreciate the advantages of our handwoven products!