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Meh Dai Instruction

Instructions for babywearing in BaBy SaBye Wrap Meh Dai 

  1. Newborn Legs Out
  2. Newborn Legs In
  3. Chesterfeeding in BBSB wrap meh dai
  4. Toddler Back Carry
  5. Toddler Front Carry

5 Comfortable Babywearing Tips before you start

  1. Relax and feel baby breath against your body or see baby’s back rise and fall.
  2. See baby’s mouth and nose free from any obstructions like fabric. Blind babywearers can feel for fabric obstruction and listen to baby’s breathing.
  3. Ensure baby’s body is supported through length of spine, sitting cozy on their bum, and chin is off chest.
  4. While nursing, baby is visible and the back of baby’s head is able to move so baby can unlatch as needed.
  5. When baby is done nursing (even if they have fallen asleep) bring them back up on your chest, close enough you can tip your head to kiss baby.

Newborn babies can be worn legs in and legs out, depending on baby’s preference. Most newborn babies like riding on caregivers chest with their head close enough for caregiver to kiss.

1. Newborn Legs Out

Tutorial Baby Legs Out in BBSB Meh Dai

2. Newborn Legs In

Tutorial Baby Legs In in BBSB Meh Dai

3. Chesterfeeding in BBSB wrap meh dai

Feeding your baby in a Meh Dai is such a lifesaver! Here’s how to do it

  1. Gently lower baby to a latching height.
  2. Latch baby on the breast-Slide baby in carrier more towards one side of wearer if, needed.
  3. Snug up the straps to support baby in lower position.
  4. Allow baby to drink-if needed slide hand in the side of carrier to support your breast to help baby maintain latch. If using the Meh Dai hood for discreet nursing leave room for baby to unlatch if needed in the event of a quick letdown baby may need to come off the breast to breathe. While nursing, listen for swallowing and breathing sounds, baby’s airway should remain uncovered and visible to the wearer. 
  5. Bring baby back up to a height that allows you to kiss the top of their head.

Here is a quick video demonstrating positioning baby for chestfeeding in a BaBy Sabye Meh Dai.

4. Toddler Back Carry

Option 1.

Option 2.

5. Toddler Front Carry

All the materials were created by Ricki Franklin is a Master’s level Social Worker, Trained Consultant (Center for Babywearing Studies®) www.CenterforBabywearingStudies.com.

Ricki offers babywearing consultation services in person and online (via skype, email, Facebook PM, FaceTime) and volunteers her time to Babywearing International of Olympia. 

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