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My name is Tatiana Volodina and I’m originally from Russia. I’m married with wonderful Thai man and live in Thailand for many years. I have three beautiful kids who inspired me to create BaBy SaBye carriers. All of them are my first testers :) My husbands supports this lovely business and helps me a lot to communicate with Thai partners.

All our products are 100% made by local villagers under ethnical and organic operational methods.  The people we work with are free people who weave and appoint its costs to us. They collect cotton, make threads and paint threads themselves with vegetable dyes using traditional methods.

In this video you can see the process of collecting cotton, making threads and coloring with natural indigo. We asked our Thai partners to make it for you. So they even added original Thai music.

These methods are passed from generation to generation. Then they use these threads to weave the fabric.

These weavers will appoint one leader to meet with us to discuss our order. 

Our design contribution mainly covers anything connected with structure and quality of threads, their combination, weaving and colour. This is also true for our baby mei tais (meh dais), slings and wrap-hemming and labellings.

These plants are used to color the threads. To get the new shade is just enough to mix them the same way as you do when you paint with your kids

Indigo color is made of  Indigofera tinctoria 

Find out more about  what vegetable colors we use

We believe in fair treatment for all, and therefore will not support anything that is racially dismissive, culturally appropriative or any sort of minority ill-treatments.



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