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Wrap Meh Dai

1. We have Regular wearer sizes and Plus Size wearer sizes. So first of all check yours and baby's sizes in our SIZE GUIDE

2. Choose a color.

  • The main color always is on the straps. You can find it before the slash in the name of carrier (e.g. Brown / IndigoMix)
  • The body of meh dai is reversible and has two colors. Additional color is after slash in the name of carrier. (e.g. Brown / IndigoMix)

Mei tai sling is a baby carrier traditional for many Asian people that also enjoys a great popularity in many countries all over the world. It is a perfect option for a baby starting from birth because the child inside is located in a convenient physiological position.

How to wear the mei tai sling correctly?

A rectangle with the straps in the corners – this is how mei tai baby carrier looks like. The lower straps are tied to the woman’s waist, while the upper ones are tilted over the shoulders, intersecting behind the woman’s back. Then they cross over the child's back, forming a kind of specific cradle for him. Finally, the straps once again roll over to the woman’s waist and tie up. You can choose the mei tai carrier of literally any fabric, but the ones that consist of 100% cotton are preferable. If the baby does not show any allergic reactions you can use synthetic fabrics as well. Remember also that the fabric should not stretch.

What are the advantages of the mei tai sling?

Many women have already appreciated all the advantages of mai tai baby wrap that include but not are limited to:

  • mei tai sling has a presentable appearance, so it's a fine option when you plan to go out
  • it provides an even distribution of the baby’s weight on the mother’s back and shoulders
  • finally, my tai baby wrap is put on much faster than a simple wrap